There’s Now a Board Game Based on ‘The Office’ and Who Wants to Play?

the office downsizing game available at target

As the World's Best Boss once said, “An office is not for dying. An office is a place for living life to the fullest, to the max, to… an office is a place where dreams come true.” And now you can live your fullest, dream-filled life right from the comfort of your own home with a new board game modeled after everyone's favorite workplace comedy, The Office. "The Office: Downsizing Game" just launched at Target and already we're planning the dinner party that would allow us and our friends to play. (It will be better than Michael and Jan's party, we swear.)

The object of the game is to make it to Friday without getting let go as part of Dunder Mifflin's downsizing. Gather a group of five to 10 friends, choose your favorite character, then join either Team Michael or Team Toby and do your best to avoid getting a dreaded pink slip. Each new workday comes with a new email from HR and a new challenge for players to face, along with tons of hilarious references to the beloved TV show. Maybe it'll even give you an opportunity to scream, "Dwight, you ignorant slut!" at one of your closest friends. Or to finally demand an answer to the question "How dare you?" One can only hope.

Just remember Michael Scott's rules to success—“Make friends first, make sales second, make love third. In no particular order.”—and you and your team should do just fine.

Abby Hepworth


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