Here's Why Fans Think Taylor Swift & Greta Gerwig Are Working on a Movie Together

Could Taylor be the new Barbie?

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It's no secret that Taylor Swift and Greta Gerwig are dominating the entertainment scene right now. Thanks to Swift's record-breaking Eras Tour and Gerwig's hugely successful movie, Barbie, these ladies are spearheading a major pop culture revival. So, it comes as no surprise that these two powerhouses also happen to be good friends in real life.

In case you missed it, Swift was spotted meeting up with Gerwig and Big Little Lies stars Laura Dern (56) and Zoe Kravitz (34) for dinner at Il Buco in New York.

In one clip shared by TMZ, Swift is seen exiting the restaurant in a little black dress and a long jacket with knee-high boots. Meanwhile, Gerwig, Dern and Kravitz are seen embracing as they part ways after dinner.

While there's no confirmation that Swift and Gerwig are working together, the pic instantly sparked rumors about a potential collaboration. Especially since Dern has already worked with both of them. (FYI, she appeared in Swift's music video for "Bejewelled" and Gerwig's adaptation of Little Women.)

In response to the news, one fan tweeted, "Best friend?! Or are they preparing for a movie together?" Another fan agreed with the latter, writing, "They are discussing for another Oscar-winning worthy movie."

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Some fans believe that Gerwig is already planning the Barbie sequel, where Swift could potentially join the cast. One fan said, "Is Taylor going to be the new Barbie????" Another tweeted, "Barbie 2: The One Who Sings." (We'd fly to the theaters so fast for that sequel, TBH.)

It comes as no surprise that Swifties were on board with this meet-up, especially since fans were disappointed to learn that none of Swift's songs made it onto the Barbie soundtrack.

If Barbie 2 does get confirmed, something tells us that Swifties (and Barbies alike) will be in for a real treat.

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