The Food That Could Keep Your Hair from Going Gray, According to a Trichologist

Don’t get us wrong—we admire women who skip the dye and embrace their naturally gray hair (have you seen Helen Mirren lately?). But for some of us, we’d like to delay the aging process just a little bit longer. While regular trips to the salon are the best way to disguise those pesky roots, another (significantly cheaper) solution could be sitting in your fridge.

According to trichologist Sara Allison, a diet deficient in B12 can lead to prematurely graying hair. B12 is found in poultry, eggs, cheese, milk and seafood.

“We know that stress uses up vitamin B and some studies have shown that taking large doses of certain B vitamins (B6, B12, folic acid) have begun to reverse the process of graying in 3 months,” says Allison. “The hairs revert to white when the vitamins are stopped.” Mind. Blown. That’s because when the body lacks this important nutrient, it produces hydrogen peroxide, which can actually bleach hair.  

A roast chicken a day keeps the grays away. Who knew?

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