Moms-to-Be Are Using Their Sonograms to Create Crazy-Unique Nail Art

First, there was astrology nail art. Then came wabi sabi nails (aka intentionally mismatched digits). Now, there's another nail art trend sweeping Instagram and it's designed specifically for moms-to-be. 

Introducing sonogram nails, where women are paying tribute to their babies using, well, their sonograms. 

As any parent knows, getting that first glimpse of your baby on an ultrasound monitor is pure magic. (Who cares if you can't tell where the head is? And is that a foot?) And now some very talented people are transforming those images into highly-intricate nail art. 

While some moms choose to get ultrasound nail art for gender reveal parties or baby showers, for some women, it's a way to pay tribute to babies that they have lost. According to NBC, some women are turning to the unique nail art to commemorate a lost pregnancy. 

Considering that we find it difficult to paint our nails without getting color on the cuticle, these detailed images are pretty damn impressive. What's next? Nails to commemorate the labor? (Erm, let's not.)