Ryan Murphy Shared New Details About the 'American Horror Stories' Spin-off & Fans Are (Understandably) Freaking Out

Ryan Murphy is on a roll with the teasers this week.

Only a day after he revealed a new promo pic for season 10 of American Horror Story, the show creator released yet another spooky poster—but this time, it's for the show's anthology spin-off, American Horror Stories.

The image features a (nightmare-worthy) black-and-white image of a woman who's dressed in all-black. Her face is cracked open to reveal a bunch of cobwebs and a tiny red black widow spider.

On Instagram and Twitter, Murphy explained that the show's structure will be similar to Black Mirror's, where each episode tells a completely different story. He wrote, "We are doing 16 one-hour stand alone episodes delving into horror myths, legends and lore...many of these episodes will feature AHS stars you know and love. More to follow..."

Fans on Twitter reacted with screaming emojis, unable to contain their excitement for the upcoming spin-off. One fan wrote, "The suspense is killing me!!!!" 

As for the original series, Murphy still hasn't confirmed the theme for season 10, but he's been giving fans a number of clues, including the teaser poser of someone's pointed teeth and the sandy beach photo. He also revealed that the season will include Home Alone's Macaulay Culkin, who apparently automatically signed up after learning he'd have some intimate scenes with AHS veteran, Kathy Bates. 

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