Rose Leslie’s Hair Stylist Clariss Rubenstein Wants to Make Red Carpet Backpacks a Thing

rose leslie
jon kopaloff/ Getty Images

Ever wonder how celebs make their red carpet looks last all night? Well, there’s usually a strategy concocted by their hairstylist and makeup artist to keep hair in place and lipstick from smudging—at least until the after-parties start. 

PureWow was able to talk with celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein get details on her work for tonight’s 77th annual Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. 

While discussing the inspiration for Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie, the stylist opened up about her dislike of clutch bags (and their lack of ability to fit things).

“I would love to send my clients on the red carpet with a touch-up kit....trouble is all these clutches fit an ID and a stick of gum,” Rubenstein said. Something Amber Heard opened up to us previously as well. 

The famous stylist also suggested a new idea for red carpets: backpacks (so she could send products into the event).

“Can we make red carpet backpacks a thing?” she continued. “If I could send three things it would be a mini Mason Pearson brush (use it to smooth, refresh, or tease), a few bobby or French hairpins, and a wax stick in case any fly always goes completely rogue.”

Hey, we’re totally here for this idea.