Reese Witherspoon Just Realized She’s Not a Natural Blonde

The Earth is round, the sky is blue and Reese Witherspoon is naturally blonde. All three facts are correct, right? It turns out that may not be the case. That’s right, the 43-year-old Morning Show star isn’t really blonde. Gasp!

Witherspoon delivered this shocking news via Twitter earlier today and expressed her own surprise at learning that her true hair color is actually—wait for it—medium brown, not blonde. Take a moment to process (yes, that’s a hair dye joke).

Sharing a photo of herself captured at some point between her Man on the Moon and Cruel Intentions days, the mom of three wrote, “Wait…Is this my real hair color?!?” with a shrugging woman emoji and a #TBT hashtag. Coincidentally, we’re asking the same question.

To be fair, Witherspoon could be joking, and the TBT she posted could feature a brief dyed brown hair moment she had once long ago. Witherspoon was blondish in Man on the Moon after all and has been blonde in basically every role except for The Morning Show (but, FYI, her brown ’do is a wig in the Apple TV+ series) and Walk the Line.  Need we mention the Oscar winner even starred in a series of movies called Legally Blonde? We can only imagine how this surprising news will impact Bruiser, her Gemini vegetarian Chihuahua in the film, and the 77 pairs of Jimmy Choo heels she got from the movie.

Regardless of what Witherspoon’s natural hair color is, we can all agree her reaction is classic.


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