Wait, Reese Witherspoon’s Months-Old Puppy Is *Huge*

Remember the tiny blue-eyed bulldog named Lou that Reese Witherspoon adopted back in June? Well, the 43-year-old actress recently shared a current photo of the four-legged pup, and he’s absolutely massive.

It all started last week when Witherspoon posted a photo on her personal Instagram account, featuring Lou dressed as a superhero for Halloween.

She captioned the post, “I mean, come on… have you ever seen a more handsome superhero? #louthebulldog #heretosavetheday #happyhalloween.”

It didn’t take long for us to realize that Lou has practically tripled in size. Yes, he’s still unbelievably adorable, but it’s hard to believe that he went from miniature to massive in five short months.

Witherspoon originally welcomed Lou into the family back in June. The Big Little Lies star shared a close-up shot of the puppy and wrote, “Welcome to the family, Lou! #lovemybulldog.”

The actress also shared footage of little Lou living his best doggo life and sprinting around the yard (screenshot below), while her 6-year-old son, Tennessee, watched from the swing set.

reese witherspoon bulldog lou

The adoption came just two months after the death of the family’s dog Nash. The Witherspoon clan also has a French bulldog named Pepper and a brown Labrador named Hank.

At this rate, Lou will be Hank’s size by Christmas.


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