Reese Witherspoon Kept 77 Pairs of Heels from ‘Legally Blonde 2’ & They Were All Jimmy Choos

Ever dreamed of what Reese Witherspoon’s shoe closet is like? (Just us?) Well, the 43-year-old Big Little Lies star just revealed that a big part of her heels collection is comprised of shoes she got to keep from the set of one of her most iconic movies.

Witherspoon, along with her The Morning Show co-star Jennifer Aniston, stopped by The Graham Norton show late last week. When the show’s host asked Aniston, as well as fellow guests Julie Andrews and Ian McKellen, if they had ever kept anything from set, Witherspoon had quite the response.

While Aniston said she got five friends and the giant Central Perk coffee sign from Friends and Andrews said she got to keep the shoes she wore in Mary Poppins, Witherspoon revealed she kept her entire wardrobe from Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde. Like us, Aniston was shocked.

Graham, apparently a shoe aficionado, aptly asked, “How many pairs of Jimmy Choos?”

Naturally, Witherspoon laughed and answered honestly: “Like 77. I had it written in my contract…I have all of them.”

Her fellow guests immediately looked at her shoes, but Witherspoon said she wasn’t wearing any heels obtained from set.

But does she wear her 77 Jimmy Choos on the reg? Nope. Aniston asked this very question and Witherspoon admitted that she only wore them in the movie. “I’ve never touched them [in real life] and then on the 15th anniversary I took them all out of storage and tried them all on. Some of them fit, some of them didn’t, and then I, yeah, I showed them all to my daughter and it was really cool.”

We’d be more than happy to babysit those Choos for you, Reese.


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