Prince Harry Sneakily Showed Off Rarely Seen Engagement Photo with Meghan Markle

On Tuesday, June 11, Prince Harry held a private audience with Prime Minister of Nepal KP Sharma Oli at Kensington Palace, and sneakily showed off a rarely seen photo of his and Meghan Markle's engagement announcement.

Harry sat with Nepal's prime minister on white couches in a room of the Sussexes' former home of K.P., and a black frame with a stunning pic of himself and his then-fiancée can be seen behind his guest's head.

prince harry nepal prime minister

Upon closer inspection of the photo, it's clear that the black frame contains the joint cypher of Meghan and Harry, a cursive M and H overlapped with a crown above the letters. This is the same cypher that serves as the @SussexRoyal official instagram account profile picture.

The photo itself is a picture of the duke and duchess, most likely from their engagement photoshoot. Markle can be seen wearing a light blue dress as she rests her hand with her Botswana-diamond engagement ring on the prince's chest. The two appear to be in a room at Windsor Castle, since that's where their engagement shoot (by photographer Alexi Lubomirski) originally took place. From that shoot, though, only three photos were released to the public. This one was obviously excluded.

harry meghan engagement picture

This isn't the first time we've seen the unreleased picture, though. Queen Elizabeth has the same picture on a side table at Buckingham Palace. She was photographed in front of it when she held a private audience with the Honorable George Brandis, Australian high commissioner to the U.K., in May of last year...aka the cutest *proud Gan Gan moment* ever.

Below the photo, Harry and Meghan both signed their names in cursive. (Side note: Does Markle ever miss a chance to show off her insanely incredible calligraphy skills? We think not...)

Since Kensington Palace is the home of Prince William, Kate Middleton, George, Charlotte and Louis, this may have been a gift to the Cambridges (and the queen) from the Sussexes in honor of their engagement. The idea that William and Kate have this photo on display at their home is even more evidence that the supposed "royal rift" between the brothers' families is all just rumors.

Royal in-laws...they keep cute fam pics all over their homes, just like us.


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