The Queen Just Announced When (and Why) You'll See the Entire Royal Family Together Again

Next month, Queen Elizabeth is gonna party like Prince Charles.

The Queen has just announced that she's planning a royal family event for March 5, 2019, to honor the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles's investiture. So, mark your calendars, because it's almost guaranteed the entire royal family will be there. (Yes, this means we'll probably get a fab-four reunion, a glimpse of Markle's eight-month bump, even an almost-1-year-old Prince Louis sighting, perhaps?)

What the heck is an investiture, you ask? Nope, it doesn't mean he invested his savings in some royal stocks and bonds (or, more apropos for Charles, a line of souped-up Aston Martins that run on white wine).

It's actually the name given to the ceremony where Prince Charles was named Prince of Wales. During this special ceremony (similar to a coronation), the heir apparent to the British throne is presented (aka "invested") with signs of royal duties and rank. 

Charles was invested with the Prince of Wales title on July 1, 1969, and the live ceremony in Caernarfon, Wales, was watched on TV by millions (though, we're sure the royal wedding of his son Harry to his now-daughter-in-law Meghan Markle topped that).

So this 50th anniversary party of Charles's investiture ceremony is going to hold just as much weight—and be as much of a royal who's who of the modern monarchy—as any big Queen Lizzie-hosted get-together. (See: Trooping the Colour, annual Christmas lunch, etc.)

'Til March, we'll just be over here praying for another royal-family balcony shot (with baby Sussex bump and all).

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