Queen Camilla Gave This Subtle Wink to Her Daughter’s Wedding Anniversary at the Coronation

Sure, yesterday may have been the coronation of King Charles III, 74, but it was also the wedding anniversary of Queen Camilla's, 75, daughter, Laura Lopes, 45. And in honor of her daughter's special day, Bowles made a subtle wink to the anniversary.

It all comes back to the fashion. The queen consort seemed to nod to the late Queen Elizabeth II with her Robe of Estate, which was embroidered with many of the monarch's favorite flowers. However, one of the choices—lily of the valley—seemed to be a tribute to her daughter as well, who actually held a bouquet of that specific flower on her wedding day.

As noted by Buckingham Palace, there were many types of flowers embroidered into the royal's robe, from myrtle to delphinium. And while lily of the valley was used in Lopes's wedding, it also has other significance, given that the queen consort featured the flora in her wedding bouquet too.

Lopes and her husband, Harry Marcus George, have been married since 2006. Their nuptials took place at the 11th-century Anglican church St Cyriac's, and the ceremony was attended by ~400 guests.

The queen consort's daughter currently works as an art curator, while her husband is a chartered accountant. The pair share three children together—Eliza, 15, and twins Gus and Louis, 13.

Laura and Harry Lopes.
Tomos Brangwyn/Getty Images

However, Lopes wasn't the only royal family relative with something to celebrate on coronation day. King Charles and Queen Camilla were quite thoughtful in their date of choice, because yesterday also marked Prince Archie's 4th birthday.

Not to mention, May 6 is also the wedding anniversary of King Charles's late aunt, Princess Margaret, who tied the knot with Antony Armstrong-Jones on May 6, 1960 at Westminster Abbey.

Queen Consort Camilla and daughter Laura.
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

There's nothing like a wedding anniversary wish on a royal coronation day.

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King Charles’s Coronation Date Holds a Special Meaning for Camilla, Queen Consort


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