Priyanka Chopra Jonas Shares What It’s Like Working with Mindy Kaling

What do you get when you combine two powerhouse women together in one comedy? A win waiting to happen. Such is the case with Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Mindy Kaling’s forthcoming Indian wedding comedy

When PureWow chatted with Chopra Jonas about her role selecting the Pilot Pen 2018 G2 Overachievers Grant, we couldn’t help but ask for an update on the project and what it’s been like working with Kaling.

Chopra Jonas, 37, explained, “We’ve just started the writing process, but she’s incredible and someone I’ve always looked up to. As an Indian working in America, I think she’s so supremely talented and hysterically funny and is just a great girl.”

The Quantico star went on to explain that the comedy feels important on a deeper level. “Collaborating with [Kaling] is something I’m so excited about because this will be an all Indian, all Asian star cast and I feel like that’s also something I’m really proud of, creating opportunities for South Asian actors that work in a mainstream capacity. As a producer and as someone in the movie, it’s really something I’m looking forward to. But it’s going to be next year because we just started writing,” she said.

Chopra Jonas’s excitement and thoughts about her producing partner echo those of Kaling. When PureWow spoke with the 40-year-old Late Night star this past June, she had lovely things to say about Chopra and their collaboration. “Our relationship has kind of just begun professionally, but she’s incredibly smart and fun and glamorous—very glamorous,” Kaling shared. “We just love a lot of the same things. I really admire her.”

Kaling went on to note how Chopra Jonas’s work ethic continues to amaze her: “I think I work hard, and she is just killing it. I feel like she’s in a different city every day, flying for work and for her husband’s family and now her family. It’s just really inspiring to be around her,” she said.

It's no wonder Pilot Pen tapped Chopra Jonas to help them choose overachievers to celebrate who are making a difference in their communities.

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