Prince William & Prince Harry Went Through Major Personality Changes at the Same Time, According to New Book

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It’s no secret that Prince William and Prince Harry have had their share of ups and downs (haven't all siblings?), but they have remained closely aligned since their young childhood years. In fact, the princes even experienced major personality changes during the same time periods, according to a People exclusive

In an excerpt of Robert Lacey's new book Battle of Brothers: The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult which was published in the latest issue of the magazine, the author revealed the pivotal moment that the boys’ personalities changed as kids. 

“From the ages of 4 and 2, William and Harry grew up in the care of two parents who were not sharing the same bed, who were more inclined to talk to the press than to each other, and who were also engaging in patterns of systematic deceit," Lacey wrote, per the outlet. It was during this time that a “once-rambunctious" William started becoming "more reflective" and “introverted, especially when he went away to boarding school.” 

Prince Harry’s personality was also changing around the same time. The author continued, “Ken Wharfe, bodyguard to Diana and the two boys in the late 1980s, recalls a telling incident when the family were traveling from London to Highgrove for the weekend. According to Wharfe, Harry and his brother got embroiled in an argument in the back seat of the car, with their nanny vainly seeking to referee the dispute. 'You’ll be king one day,' said the 4-year-old Harry. 'I won’t. So I can do what I want.'" Anyone else think this statement is more relevant than ever?  

Turns out, Princess Diana had quite the response to her youngest son’s words, asking “Where the hell did he get that from?” 

Over 30 years later, we can still see the same traits in these two. 

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