Prince William & Prince Harry Were ‘Out of Sync’ at Princess Diana Event, According to a Body Language Expert

We’ve been waiting months for Prince William and Prince Harry to reunite at Princess Diana’s statue unveiling. The event finally took place yesterday in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace, where the brothers were seen together for the first time since Prince Philip’s funeral.

At first, everything looked business as usual. Not only did William and Harry release a joint statement on Instagram, but they also goofed off in some of the pics. Despite the united front, we can’t help but wonder if their interactions hold any deeper meaning.

That’s why we turned to body language expert and psychotherapist Toni Coleman, who analyzed several photos of Prince William and Prince Harry from Princess Diana’s statue unveiling. Although she concluded that the brothers were “completely out of sync,” she revealed that it all comes down to the difference in how they express emotion.

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1. The Entrance

Prince William and Prince Harry looked united when they arrived at Kensington Palace. But according to Coleman, the brothers “are not at all in sync with one another.”

“They are walking pretty much in sync, but their focus and expressions are far apart,” she told PureWow. “It appears William is pointing something out as he speaks. This is a gesture that adds emphasis to words and is authoritative. Perhaps William sees himself as the authoritative insider now and Harry more of an outsider, who needs some instruction on what is what.”

She continued, “Their facial expressions are also very different. William serious and instructive, Harry attempting to smile and convey a positive feeling to those around them.”

Harry also played with the buttons on his jacket, indicating that he’s more nervous than he’s letting on. “Harry’s jacket pulling gesture can signify nervousness and is often a self-soothing gesture that helps distract him,” Coleman added. “If he is closing the jacket or attempting to pull it closed it says he wants to close himself off from what is going on around him.”

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2. The Distance

While admiring the statue, the brothers were photographed standing six feet apart. As Coleman points out, their distanced formation is likely staged for the photo. “The brothers are standing as far apart as possible while still framing statue,” she said. “They are keeping their distance and in their own thoughts about what they are seeing/feeling.”

Sure, it makes for a great picture. But according to Coleman, their posture is super telling. “William looks like his hands are clasped in front of him, which is often a self-pacifying gesture and can signify discomfort,” she said. “In contrast, Harry has his hands on his hips, jacket open. This can be a sign of assertion and feeling territorial. He can also be saying there are some issues here. Maybe he is feeling a bit possessive of his mother and her memory.”

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3. The Brotherly Love

Silly photos like this make us giddy with excitement. But unfortunately, Prince Harry’s silly antics may have rubbed Prince William the wrong way. “Both appear in separate worlds and completely out of sync here. This experience appears to be very different for each of them,” Coleman said.

“It’s hard to see exactly where William’s hands are, but one appears to be in his pocket and the other arm appears to be bent and partially covering his front,” she added. “This usually indicates a barrier he is placing between him and what he is viewing/feeling. He may be working to hold in his emotions as his full attention is on the statue of his mother.”

On the other hand, Harry’s body language is more casual. “In contrast, Harry is joking around with others nearby, engaging them and displaying comfort and positive feelings,” Coleman said. “His hand facing straight down signifies authority and confidence.”

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4. The Aftermath

After the unveiling, Prince Harry and Prince William were spotted with their backs to each other, which was likely a conscious decision. “The brothers have chosen to engage in separate conversations with these other men, rather than in a group of four,” Coleman said. “This can be a gesture of seeking some space and a break from one another. It can also be seen as a gesture of power.”

Coleman also broke down their individual body language. “Harry is speaking with a raised palm, which indicates he is trying to make a point to his listener, who is clearly listening, but his hands indicate some nervousness,” she explained. “William is also gesturing with his hand as he speaks, making his point. His listener has closed his arms over his chest, a gesture that says he wants to barricade himself and close himself off from what he is hearing or the interaction.”

5. The Conclusion

Coleman’s findings might seem alarming, but it’s important to note that William and Harry’s insecurities were likely heightened due to the emotional nature of the event. Although their body language was a complete 180 from the joint statement they released on Instagram, Coleman explained that their discomfort is probably due to their contrasting personalities.

“I sense that both men shared a strong love with their mother and had little opportunity to grieve or deal with her tragic loss,” she said. “I think both had strong emotions which were on display in these pictures. However due to their differences, they express them so differently.”

Coleman continued, “I think this statement voiced what both feel and along with this statue and celebration of their mother, will help them to finally express some of that long pent-up grief and sadness.”

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