Here’s How the Royal Family Is Hiding Princess Diana’s New Statue Ahead of Tomorrow’s Unveiling

As the royal family prepares for Princess Diana’s statue unveiling, they aren’t taking any—we repeat, any—chances in terms of ruining the surprise.

The highly anticipated event is set to take place in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace on July 1, which would have been the late royal’s 60th birthday. Photographers recently captured pics of the transformed outdoor venue, and the images are slightly curious. While the statue is already in place, it has been shielded by a major eye sore.

princess diana statue box
Leon Neal/Getty Images

No, really. There’s now a giant box sitting in the middle of the Kensington Palace garden. From afar, it almost looks like an illusion, blending into the background and resembling a mysterious entrance to a parallel universe.

princess diana statue event box
Leon Neal/Getty Images

Upon closer inspection, it’s clear the box’s sole purpose is to hide Princess Diana’s statue until the unveiling takes place. Not only does it shield all angles, but it also has a safe-like padlock on one side to keep intruders at bay. (Don’t even think about it.)

Although the box takes away from the peaceful ambiance, we’re not totally surprised by the secrecy since the statue’s placement could attract onlookers. Although the Sunken Garden appears to be blocked off for the upcoming event, there’s a pathway around the area that’s become an ideal place for people to catch a glimpse of the massive box.

princess diana statue box tourists
Leon Neal/Getty Images

A few lucky visitors went to see the statue’s future location and were greeted by this hunky display, which probably wasn’t what they were expecting. Still, we must applaud the royal family for thinking of literally everything.

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