5 Times Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Proved Their Parenting Skills

We should get word from the palace—or town crier—any day now that Meghan is in labor. But with her due date approaching, it begs the question: Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ready to be “mum” and dad? We’d say so, based on the royal appearances they’ve made, all in the name of bonding with kiddos. Here, five times they proved themselves as future parents.

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meghan markle pasta necklace melbourne
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When Meghan Graciously Wore A Pasta Necklace

The royal pair was on tour in Australia when they got wind of a six-year-old boy named Gavin who had faked a sick day to meet them, and had made Meg a necklace from pieces of dried pasta. The Duchess, without missing a beat, threw it on over her Dion Lee shirtdress and polished trench coat, a solid sign she knows how to champion tiny acts of love.

meghan markle prince harry dad jokes
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When Prince Harry Practiced His Dad Jokes

Are you really even a father until you make a series of jokes that solicit a ba da bum ching? During Harry’s three-day tour of Morocco, a well-wisher congratulated him on the baby. Harry’s response (while gesturing to his wife): “Wait, you’re pregnant?”

meghan markle prince harry bristol eye level
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When They Chatted With Kids At Eye Level

It’s a total Princess Diana (and Kate Middleton) move: When talking to the kid set, get down on one knee and look them in the eye, thus putting them at ease and making it clear you’re seeing them as people. Meghan and Harry are both on the taller side, but they each make a point to crouch down and talk to children at royal events, even if it slows down the rest of their processional. (You can watch their royal move in action here.)

meghan markle banana messages
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When Meghan Markle Wrote Encouraging Notes On Bananas

OK, so she did it for a good cause, but while on an official visit to One25 Charity’s outreach center, the duchess helped pack bagged lunches for the recovering addicts and female sex workers that the organization assists and came up with her own way to share the charity’s positive message. “I’m in charge of the banana messaging,” she said in this video posted to the Kensington Palace Twitter account. She then proceeded to use a Sharpie to pen messages like “you are strong” and “you are brave”—good practice for when she’s packing Baby Sussex’s preschool lunches down the road.

meghan markle date night with prince harry
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When They Prioritized Date Night

OK, so it’s not a parenting skill per se, but before baby—even with the hustle and bustle of their daily royal agenda—Harry and Meghan were total pros at squeezing in a quick date night. (They’ve seen Hamilton several times and, most recently, Tina—The Tina Turner Musical in London’s West End.) Bottom line: They know the importance of connecting as a couple, even as children threaten to upend your world. (Yep, we’d call that a parenting skill.)

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