Prince Charles Gives a Rare Look Inside St. James’s Palace—& We Can’t Get Over That Fireplace

Prince Charles offered a rare glimpse into St James's Palace this week and the decor was just as elegant and luxurious as you'd expect.

On Monday, the Prince of Wales released a statement to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of his Campaign for Wool. In the video, he discussed the natural material and its benefits, noting that wool is "the ultimate reassurance of sustainability." He also mentioned that the campaign's goal is to collaborate with other nations in marketing the versatile material.

But as inspired as we were by the prince's message, it was hard to miss his surroundings. Shot from the most senior royal palace in the U.K., the video includes a glimpse of a huge, marble fireplace. On top of the fireplace appears to be a few framed family photos, though most of them are out of the shot. And to his left, we see a portion of a photograph that includes him and his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

The palace stands right beside Prince Charles's official London residence, the Clarence House. His current home was the official residence of Prince William and Prince Harry, but before the Prince of Wales moved in, Clarence House went through "extensive refurbishment and redecoration," according to the royals' website. Lucky for fans, the four-story house is usually open to the public during the summer, where visitors can receive tours of the glamorous home.

We're definitely liking what we see—and would totally be down for the full tour. But this isn't the only royal room that we've gotten a glimpse of. In September, Meghan Markle also gave fans a sneak peek into her and Prince Harry's California home (which, BTW, also features a stunning fireplace).

Clearly, interior decorating skills run in the royal family.

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