Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Decorated Their Cali Home with This Trendy Plant (& You Can Shop the Same One)

Fans recently caught a rare glimpse of the cozy decor in Meghan Markle's Santa Barbara home and it's nothing short of stunning.

To mark the first anniversary of her Smart Set Capsule Collection in partnership with the charity Smart Works, the Duchess of Sussex did a video call with three clients to discuss how the organization, which aims to help women secure jobs, has impacted their lives. During the call, fans were quick to notice the stylish fiddle leaf fig tree standing by Markle's window.

The trendy living accessory features lush, broad leaves and adds life to the indoor space while doubling as an air-purifier. According to Bloomscape, which sells the real Fiddle Leaf Fig tree for about $200, the plant removes formaldehyde from the air while adding some stunning greenery—making it the chicest air purifier ever while bringing some outdoor lushness into the indoors.

bloomscape fiddle leaf fig

It's unclear if the duchess's plant is real, but faux fiddle leaf variations are also available, including World Market's 6-Foot Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (now on sale for $180). While it won't offer air-purifying qualities, the stylish potted plant can brighten any space, minus the dread of potentially killing your greenery.

Aside from Markle's stunning plant, fans also caught a glimpse of the poster above her stone fireplace: an illustration of a giant bear hugging her home state of California.

bear california wall decor

The vintage piece was instantly recognized by fans as the artwork for California's regional anthem, "I Love You, California." And thankfully, you can channel the duchess's unique taste by shopping the same wall decor for just $14.

The duchess and her husband, Prince Harry, moved to California with their son, Archie, in August. But although it's only been a few weeks, the royals have already been busy with their philanthropy projects.

Fingers crossed that we'll see more glimpses of their stunning decor in the near future!

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