Penn Badgley Just Sent Cardi B a ‘You’-Themed Care Package

Penn Badgley and Cardi B are quickly becoming our new favorite (unexpected) pals.

The Gossip Girl actor and the “WAP” singer have become fast friends over Twitter during the past month thanks to a video Cardi B retweeted in which the actor complimented her social media presence. Now, Badgley just took their friendship to a whole new level by sending her a care package themed around his hit Netflix series, You.

The gift included a baseball cap with a quote from the show on it, which says: “Hello, You...” It also featured a note written in the voice of Badgley's character, Joe Goldberg, along with plenty of references to the show and Cardi B's career.

The note read, “Hello, you...My stalking and killing may make me a certified freak, seven days a week, but it also brought me Cardi B, you have a way with social media. You're meaningful. Substantive. I just like you. You're authentic and nuanced...just as you are with your music. You keep me on my toes, the ones that are left, at least. You can't be caged in, and it's refreshing.”

Badgley closed by saying, “Can't wait to see you slaying in this hat, but I certainly hope you don't disappear. Au Revoir, Joe Goldberg.”

Cardi B shared an image of the package on her Twitter, along with two worried face emojis and a caption that said, “How Joe found my new house address?”

The friendship between the two first blossomed back in October, when Cardi retweeted a video of Badgley mentioning her during a press tour and said,“OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!! OMMMGGGG!!!!!!Yoooo like I'm famous famous.”

In the video, Badgley discusses the rapper's relationship to social media and says, “To me, it's this incredibly nuanced place to be, and despite what many might judge as antics, I feel she [Cardi B] has an incredibly authentic relationship to that, and I think that's why people like her so much.”

This then led to Badgley making his profile photo an image of Cardi B, and the rapper in turn making hers a photo of Badgley.

We can't get enough of these two. All we're gonna say is, Cardi B needs to make a cameo in the next season of You.

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