Queen Elizabeth’s Confidence Wanes in New ‘The Crown’ Trailer

In the brand-new The Crown season three trailer, the times are a-changing and Queen Elizabeth isn’t so sure how she feels about it.

The now middle-aged queen, played by Olivia Colman, appears not only to be troubled by the fact that (like everyone) she’s aging, but also that the world around her is vastly different. On the cusp of her jubilee, the country is bankrupt and “national security is in tatters,” leading Her Majesty to muse that the country has been on the decline ever since she’s taken over.

She says in the trailer above that the Untied Kingdom was mighty and great when she ascended the throne, but, “all that’s happened on my watch is it’s fallen apart.”

Meanwhile, she and Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) are still having a power struggle of sorts, with the Princess Royal competing to be the best sister in the Windsor family. And, if sibling rivalry, damaged confidence and political tensions aren’t enough to worry about, it seems that Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) is beginning to forge his own rebellious path.

We see a woman tell him never to give up on a true love and a flash of young Camilla Parker-Bowles (Emerald Fennell) smoking a cigarette in the bath. As the trailer continues, Charles tries to reckon with his own personal hopes and the weight of responsibility he bears as a royal, all while worrying that his family doesn’t have his best interests at heart.

It seems season three of The Crown will be the most complicated yet. We can’t wait until it hits Netflix on Sunday, November 17.


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