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Quiz: Which ‘The Crown’ Character Are You?

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If you’re a fan of The Crown, then you know the hit Netflix series (which is about to return with season three!) packs a lot of personality. And while we may not be royalty, it’s still fun to pretend. Here, a quiz to help you figure out which The Crown character you are.


What’s Your Idea Of A Good Time?

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A countryside horseback ride

Tobias Titz/Getty Images

A cheeky plane ride with you as pilot


A cocktail party, what else?

Luis Alvarez/Getty Images

Relaxing with your best friend


Your Friends Say Your Best Quality Is…

You’re a natural born leader.

You’re full of surprises.

You’re the life of the party.

You’re incredibly faithful.


Are You A People Person?




Which Humble Abode Would You Rather Live In?

Gim42/Getty Images

Balmoral Castle

Joe Schilling/Getty Images

Clarence House

Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

Buckingham Palace

Tim Graham/Getty Images

Windsor Castle


What’s Your Spirit Animal?

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A lion

Sjoerd Bosch/Getty Images

An albatross

Cavan Images/Getty Images

A corgi

Laura Drake / EyeEm/Getty Images

A Siamese cat


You’re Pretty Great To Be Around, But Sometimes…

You pull rank.

You go rogue. 

You go a little overboard. 

You shed a lot. 


Pick A Cocktail, Any Cocktail.

bhofack2/getty images

Scotch and soda

Gpointstudio/getty images


Hero Images/Getty Images


krisanapong detraphiphat/Getty images

Just water, thanks


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