PureWow Editors Made Like ‘Shark Tank’ Judges and Discovered 9 Women-Led Companies That You Should Know

Welcome, Sharks.

This week, six PureWow editors acted as the judges from our favorite reality show to hear pitches from nine female entrepreneurs at the NYC co-working space Luminary, a collaboration hub and community for women that fosters professional development. Colorful power suits aside, we were floored. Here, the most exciting women-led startups to keep an eye on.

Sweat Vacay

Group workout classes like Soul Cycle and Barry's shouldn't cease to exist when vacation begins. Sweat Vacay connects international travelers craving a solid fitness sesh with certified trainers and outdoor classes because no one should spend their holiday in a hotel gym.

My Social Canvas

Phone cases and pink tees are just the beginning. My Social Canvas helps hard-working and tech-minded college-age women find mentors and discover scholarships by producing and selling their designs globally.


The diet world is the most confusing, but Wellory can help. They link you with certified health coaches to get your fitness and wellness goals in shape.

Ally Shoes

Have you ever walked a mile in a pair of stilettos and felt like your feet were on fire? Yeah, same. That's why Ally Shoes created "power heels minus the pain." Using some fancy toe-lifting technology, these shoes are both scientifically engineered and designed for comfort.

My Money, My Future

My Money, My Future is an online platform for underserved millennials and Gen X-ers. It helps manage personal finances, set savings goals and even offers personalized money advice.


HMÉTÉ produces high-quality, fair-priced workwear for the fashion-conscious professional. The brand sells silky skirts and dresses, patterned blouses and tailored pants for those who'd rather hopscotch to FiDi than be another blazer in a sea of black and navy.


Not all gift wrapping was created equal, and Blankbox understands that sometimes, it's what on the outside that matters. Chic and ready-to-go gift boxes in a variety of patterns elevate the idea of a pretty present.

Hello Wellness

Fostering in-person connections and encouraging healthy living through community events, Hello Wellness wants you to break out of the 140-character boundaries and discover IRL friendships through a common love of fitness and nutrition.

Pomp & Whimsy

Introducing: your bar cart's most stylish BFF. Pomp & Whimsy is an infused gin liqueur that's created by women, for women. In fact, it's an ode to female bartenders and mixologists and their role in the history of craft cocktails. (And it doesn't hurt that it has, like, the prettiest label ever.)

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