Um, There's a Netflix but for Real Wedding Videos, and We're Addicted

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Things we love: binge-watching, reality TV and weddings. Now if only there was a way to combine them all? Oh, but there is.

Introducing Love Stories TV, the first platform dedicated to watching and sharing professionally produced real wedding videos. (Because there’s only so much Say Yes to the Dress we can handle).

The way it works is pretty much exactly like your favorite binge-watching platform. Just log in (for free) and enjoy an endless stream of wedding-related inspiration and entertainment.

You can even search for the ultimate wedding planning inspiration. Let’s say you’re planning a dreamy beach wedding in California: Simply type “beach weddings” in and there you have it—high-quality, beautiful video that you can can binge-watch all weekend long.

Or maybe you need some ideas for your maid of honor toast—you could spend hours navigating grainy footage and questionable audio on YouTube, or you could get access to the good stuff right away. Easy peasy.

The only downside? Some of these gorgeous vids require having a stack of tissues nearby. (Looking at you, Tina and Brian.)

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