Cameras Catch the Handy Item Meghan Markle Travels with for All Her Royal Engagements

Just call her Minty Markle, because the Duchess of Sussex just revealed her trick for meeting and greeting during all those royal engagements.

As spotted by her vigilant fans during her latest outing to City University of London as part of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (for which she’s a patron), Meghan Markle uses British brand Smints to keep her breath fresh (and, yes, we’re hoping the brand closes in on some kind of sponsorship deal soon). 

The duchess, who arrived in a black SUV on Thursday morning wearing all-black Givenchy, paused long enough in front of the car for photographers to catch the handy little mints stowed in the door. We can imagine she probably had to pop a few after her avocado toast and English tea breakfast so that she’s not worrying about her breath while meeting all those professors and students. Markle fan account Meghans Mirror ID’d the packaging, and they’re also available in the U.S. (in a 100-pack from eBay, so…there’s that).

Surprised smiles for the cameras, Sussex slants and Smints? Markle’s got this whole “being a royal” thing down to a science (er, smi-ence).


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