When Meghan Markle Visits the Building Across from Your Work, Here's What Happens...

meghan markle acu outfit

It’s not every day that the Duchess of Sussex makes an appearance outside your office building (although, we wish). But for a few lucky Londoners, that’s exactly what happened.

During her visit to the City University of London as part of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (one of four patronages Meghan Markle was granted by the queen), the expecting duchess pulled up in a black SUV, and people’s reactions in the buildings surrounding the university are priceless. 

The duchess wore head-to-toe black Givenchy for the visit and styled her hair in a ballerina bun, which can even be seen in the video below, taken by someone's colleague named Louise. (Employee of the year, Louise!)

Notice the massive amount of crowds (in building windows, behind barricades, across the street) at the event, which included about a 30-second glimpse of Her Royal Highness Markle as she entered the building.

Who are we kidding? We'd be right there with them.


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