Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Second and Third Instagram Posts Are Here, and Meghan Is Nowhere to Be Found

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's official Insta handle, @SussexRoyal, was unveiled on Monday, we've been furiously checking our feeds to keep tabs on the latest Sussex goings-on. Except, it's been all quiet on the Instagram front (save for the first post, which we deciphered here)—until we got two back-to-back new posts about Prince Harry.

The second-ever post details Prince Harry's visit to the west London YMCA, where the duke showed off some of his dancing skills and perfect balance at a ballet class for 4- to 6-year-olds.

The caption is long and details Harry’s work with mental health awareness while providing a quote from the duke as well as stats and resources for those dealing with (or who know someone dealing with) mental health issues. It’s meaningful and relevant without feeling too stuffy. (But Harry and Megs, do yourselves a favor and get a caption editor, because who starts a sentence with a numeral?!)

The third post is also about Prince Harry (no Megs in sight, most likely because she’s nearing her final weeks of pregnancy) and includes another lengthy caption.

This time, the post highlights the soon-to-be father’s career in the British Army and his work supporting wounded servicemen and women through the Invictus Games, as well as his work with PTS recovery and the transition from service back to civilian life.

The first photo in the slideshow is from the duke’s visit to the Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch in London today, where he met soldiers and their families. The annual event raises money for the Soldiers’ Charity to support those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The caption also makes note of Meghan’s absence: “The Duchess of Sussex was unfortunately unable to attend today, but has joined her husband in supporting the troops at the Invictus Games, Endeavour Fund and with the TILS Fund, as an extension of her previous work in this space.”

Fingers crossed for more duchess updates soon (but keep the Harry content comin’, y’all!).

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