We Just Got a Glimpse of Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Christmas Thank You Card

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are thanking their fans and followers for their “thoughtful messages” sent during the holidays.

On Tuesday, the Twitter account, Gert's Royal Replies Twitter, revealed a thank you card sent out by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex featuring a throwback photograph of the 38-year-old duchess and 35-year-old duke.

Turns out, the pic was taken from the couple’s visit to Dubbo during their royal tour of Australia and New Zealand back in 2018. In the sweet snap, we see Markle smiling and holding an umbrella over her husband’s head to shield him from the light rain as he gives a speech.

“Thank you for your thoughtful message,” a note that came alongside the image read. “We appreciate your kind words and the time you have taken to write to us on this special occasion. Sending you our warmest wishes.” The duo signed the card, “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

What we found most interesting about the personalized message was the fact that it came from the Correspondence Section at Clarence House. Yup—according to the social media account, the mail was sent by the office of Prince Charles and was even stamped with the Sussexes’ official monogram.

This comes as a bit of surprise considering Buckingham Palace revealed it would “no longer comment/guide on Sussex related inquiries” after they stepped down as senior royals last March. We guess that doesn’t mean that certain members of the royal family can’t send out thank you cards on their behalf.

Wherever it came from, we’re just happy to be seeing this adorable throwback.

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