Meghan Markle Scores Another Big Win in Privacy Lawsuit

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Meghan Markle just scored another major win in her privacy lawsuit.

Back in February, the Duchess of Sussex won a suit against the Mail on Sunday and their parent company, Associated Newspapers, which began after a private letter that Markle sent to her father in August of 2018 was published across five different articles in the Mail on Sunday.

Now, after a judge ruled in Markle's favor, it looks like she's earned another win by getting her legal costs paid for as well. At a remote hearing at the High Court in London on May 5, it was determined that Markle owned the sole rights of the letter (as she didn't use any royal press secretaries to help draft it), and this decision was followed by an order for the Associated Newspapers media company to pay for all of her legal costs.

These have been landmark decisions from the court, given the history of privacy infringement that royals have endured for decades. Markle noted this when she first won the case back in February, releasing a statement that said: “After two long years of pursuing litigation, I am grateful to the courts for holding Associated Newspapers and The Mail on Sunday to account for their illegal and dehumanizing practices. These tactics (and those of their sister publications MailOnline and the Daily Mail) are not new; in fact, they’ve been going on for far too long without consequence. For these outlets, it’s a game. For me and so many others, it’s real life, real relationships, and very real sadness. The damage they have done and continue to do runs deep.”

Rock on, Meghan (and go cash that reimbursement check).

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