Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Spring into Parenting Mode After Paparazzi Snap Intrusive Baby Archie Pics
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When it comes to baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor’s privacy, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry definitely do not mess around. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are taking legal action in regards to photos taken of their son while the family was in their Los Angeles home.

In a new lawsuit filed on Thursday, the couple is alleging “serial intrusions” into 14-month-old Archie's privacy by unnamed paparazzi with the intention to sell the photographs to various tabloids. 

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are filing this lawsuit to protect their young son's right to privacy in their home without intrusion by photographers, and to uncover and stop those who seek to profit from these illegal actions,” the duo’s attorney wrote in the statement. 

Part of the court documents read, “Archie, the Plaintiffs and/or other individuals in the yard and garden, and elsewhere in the residence, have a reasonable expectation of privacy when they play and socialize in their home and private, fenced-in garden and yard. This residence, garden and yard are closed to the public, and no one can overhear individuals’ conversations or see individuals there without the aid of a visual or audio enhancing device or by physical trespass onto the property.”
“The Plaintiffs have done everything in their power to stay out of the limelight except in connection with their work, which they freely admit is newsworthy,” the lawsuit continued. “But the photos at issue are not news. They are not in the public interest. They are harassment. The sole point to taking and/or selling such invasive photos is to profit from a child. Such sales, in turn, stoke the paparazzi market and lead to ever more harassment. The fact that the images at issue remain in the possession of an unknown adult, having already been shown and shared to hundreds if not thousands of potential buyers, is disgusting and wrong.”

It’s important to note that the photographer and media outlet have not yet been identified (hence the “unnamed defendants”), which allows Harry and Meghan to pursue anyone selling the images. 

If there’s one thing we learned from all of this, it’s don’t mess with baby Archie

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