Matthew McConaughey Says *This* Actress Was His First Celebrity Crush

Matthew McConaughey just revealed his first major celebrity crush, and it turns out it's one of his recent co-stars.

The Failure to Launch actor appeared on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show this month to promote his new animated film Sing 2, along with his co-star, Reese Witherspoon. During a series of rapid-fire questions, the pair talked about a variety of subjects, but the most fascinating tidbit was revealed when McConaughey said that he had a crush on Witherspoon as a kid.

“I did have a little bit of a crush on the young lady sitting to the left of me from The Man in the Moon,” McConaughey said, referencing Witherspoon's big screen debut. “[Reese] was one of my early, early crushes and if you've seen the movie, you see! I mean—[it's] inevitable, what's not to have a crush on?”

DeGeneres then flashed an image on the screen behind them, where a 14-year-old Witherspoon is captured from the movie. As she shared the photo, McConaughey said, “It's true. It's a true story,” to which DeGeneres responded, “Amazing.”

Before McConaughey had revealed this wild story, Witherspoon said that her first celebrity crush was Jim Morrison, the lead singer of The Doors. However, she then clarified her answer, realizing she was attracted to Val Kilmer because he played the role of Morrison in the movie The Doors. She said, “The Doors movie had just come out and I was maybe 14 and I thought, ‘Oh, he's so hot.’ So I guess it was Val Kilmer.”

However, Witherspoon was very flattered by McConaughey's confession, saying “Aww, you're so sweet.” She then joked, “Now we just have to make a movie about it! Me and Val Kilmer and then me and Matthew.”

We would definitely pay to see that movie.

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