Behind the Scenes of ‘Virgin River’: Martin Henderson Shares What It's Really Like on Set

If you're a major Virgin River fan like us, then you're probably anxiously awaiting a release date for season 4 (and rewatching all the previous seasons in the meantime). And while we're dying for new episodes, the cast members are helping to pass the time by giving us previews of what it's like behind the scenes of the Netflix drama.

In a video he shared to his Instagram account, Martin Henderson (aka Jack Sheridan) talked about what it's like working on the set of Virgin River. He captioned the video, “A day in the life of...Going behind the scenes of Virgin River.”

Henderson starts the clip off saying, “Good morning! Are you awake? I'm not really awake, but...I thought I'd take you on a little, special behind-the-scenes tour. A day in the life of an actor.”

He then shows viewers how he starts each morning, saying, “It's very early in the morning and I'm here—starting my day with tea. Anybody who knows Marty knows that he loves his tea. Oh yes...It's very special tea from Taiwan. Very happy about that.”

But Henderson also revealed what the hardest part of his day is, declaring, “The hardest part of my day is not anything to do with acting. It's having to leave my little guy, Sammy.” He then pets his dog and says, “So that's the hardest part of my day—saying goodbye to him. I can't take him to work, unfortunately.”

While the video ends before his official tour begins, Henderson saved the entire behind-the-scenes adventure to his Instagram account in a highlight titled, “A Day in the Life,” which can be viewed here. Throughout these videos, we see Henderson go through makeup, walk us through the set and much more.

Henderson isn't the first Virgin River star to give us a peek behind the scenes. Just a few days ago, Ben Hollingsworth shared a slideshow of photos that were taken while the cast filmed season 4. He captioned it: “Feels good to be back in Brady mode. #Season4 #VirginRiver #Netflix.”

This is only getting us more amped for the next season.

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