Mark Consuelos Posts Ultra-Romantic Series of Pics in Honor of Kelly Ripa's Birthday

When we think of romance, we picture Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

The pair constantly show their love for each other on social media and that was continued earlier today, when Consuelos posted a series of ulta-romantic snapshots in honor of Ripa's fifty-first birthday.

“Happy Birthday to my best friend, lover, confidant. My dance partner in life..My forever girl,” he said in the caption. The slideshow featured four photos of the couple, with shots of them kneeling down and rubbing noses, as well as running through the sand, with Ripa seen laughing.

In the rest of his caption, Consuelos said, “For all the important days we’ve missed being together over many years, I’m so grateful to spend this special day with you. I love you, Happy Birthday amore’, M.”

In response to the intimate message from “M,” Ripa left a reply in the comments, saying, “Husband of the year. Year after year. Father of the year. Year after year. Friend of the year. Year after year. Partner of the year. Year after year. You are simply the best. I love you with my heart and soul, and that’s not just the afterglow talking.”

We got to see a little bit more of the couple's celebration on Ripa's own account, where she posted a photo of her and Consuelos kissing and sharing some cake courtesy of BCakeNY on her talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. This was followed by another snap from their sunset beach photoshoot.

In typical fashion, the talk show host included a cheeky caption, writing, “Cake! Vs. Cake by the Ocean!” And Consuelos responded, “Love both. Happy bday sexy.”

We hope it's the best year yet, Kelly!

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