After Lots of Triplet Research, Mandy Moore Has a New-Found Appreciation for Moms of Multiples

This Is Us season five isn’t returning until January 2021, but that didn’t stop Mandy Moore from opening up about her highly beloved character, Rebecca Pearson.

The pregnant actress, 36, recently made a virtual appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where she explained why her research for This Is Us changed her perception about childbirth. While discussing her character (who gave birth to triplets), Moore praised moms of multiples before admitting that she’s “very grateful that I’m just having one child.”

“Is that not normal to watch YouTube videos of people having triplets?” Moore said of her preparation for the role. She commended moms everywhere before adding, “I have tried to forget the trauma I endured watching those videos.”

Moore also discussed what’s to come in the new episodes and revealed that she applauds This Is Us writers for tackling such sensitive topics, like the coronavirus pandemic. “I would expect nothing less from This Is Us,” she said. “We are a modern show and so much of our show takes place in modern times, so it would feel weird to leave such pressing issues unaddressed.”

This Is Us season five premiered back in October and aired four episodes before going on a temporary hiatus. Moore explained the break in a series of videos on her Instagram Story, saying, “Also, can we talk about that This Is Us episode? WHAT?! Pretty crazy, right? We will be back on January 5, I think. I’ve seen online that folks were a bit bummed out about that—I appreciate that, we all appreciate that you’re bummed out. But we just started production back, and it has been such a break-neck pace.”

She continued, “I believe I saw on Twitter tonight that [series creator Dan Fogelman] said our post team literally just locked in tonight’s episode last night. So, we have to get caught up. We are literally in the middle of filming, almost at the end of filming, the fifth episode, which would be airing next week. So, we need to catch up. So, we’ll see you in January.” To be exact: January 5, 2021.

BRB, giving our mom such much-needed praise.

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