Why ‘This Is Us’ Is Over for 2020: Mandy Moore Responds to Angry Fans

This Is Us gave us a brand-new clue about Randall’s biological mom and then proceeded to ghost us for the rest of the year.

Although This Is Us just aired season five, episode four, it isn’t scheduled to return to NBC until Tuesday, January 5, 2021. *Cue the widespread disappointment*

Fans were understandably confused by the news, especially since the network didn’t provide an explanation. This prompted Mandy Moore (Rebecca Pearson) to break it down in a series of candid videos on her Instagram Story.

mandy moore instagram story

In the clips (screenshot above), Moore confirmed that This Is Us won’t return until 2021. “Also, can we talk about that This Is Us episode? WHAT?! Pretty crazy, right?” she said in the clip. “We will be back on January 5, I think.”

The actress went on to explain why the show is taking an unexpected hiatus, adding, “I’ve seen online that folks were a bit bummed out about that—I appreciate that, we all appreciate that you’re bummed out. But we just started production back, and it has been such a break-neck pace.”

She continued, “I believe I saw on Twitter tonight that [series creator Dan Fogelman] said our post team literally just locked in tonight’s episode last night. So, we have to get caught up. We are literally in the middle of filming, almost at the end of filming, the fifth episode, which would be airing next week. So, we need to catch up. So, we’ll see you in January.”

Fine. *Pouts in corner*

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