‘Live with Kelly & Ryan’ Looks Way Different This Week

It certainly feels like we've traveled back in time, because once again, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have returned to remote filming on Live.

Due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, the co-hosts kicked off their first show of 2022 by going live from their homes. While greeting the viewers on Monday, Ripa joked, "Good morning, everyone! Don't adjust your dials. We're coming to you from the studio, which we made to look like two separate bedrooms. It is January 3, 2022." Ryan then quipped, "Are you sure? It seems like January 3, 2021 because we're back at home, under an abundance of caution."

In the clip, Ripa appears to be sporting a black-and-white floral dress while sitting in her bedroom. Meanwhile, Seacrest dons all black as he sit near his curtains.

If you recall, the co-hosts were all virtual for several months in 2020, and while we certainly enjoyed getting random glimpses of Mark Consuelos from Ripa's kitchen, it was announced that the 51-year-old TV personality would return to the studio in September of that year.

When Ripa and Seacrest finally made their return, they followed social distancing guidelines by staying six feet apart. But after ten months of this new setup, fans finally got to see the duo share their tiny desk again in June 2021, after they were both fully vaccinated.

The official Live account documented their return with a backstage clip from the episode, and in the video, both Ripa and Seacrest were seen examining their desk and chairs, even suspecting that it was new furniture. The American Idol alum asked, “Is this what we used to use? Wow, I totally forgot.”

Ripa added, “This seems awfully close. I feel like this is a level of intimacy where we really should be wearing protection. This is unprecedented closeness.”

Here's hoping we won't have to wait several months before we see Ripa and Seacrest back at the studio.

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