Lady Gaga’s Former Makeup Artist Swears By These 3 Products

You don’t get to create the iconic beauty looks of everyone from Lady Gaga to Chrissy Teigen and Reese Witherspoon without learning an array of tricks along the way. So when we spoke with celebrity makeup artist and TwinMedix creative director James Vincent as part of our Celebeauty Sit-Down series, we definitely wanted to know what products he turns to time and time again. Luckily, he didn’t hold back.

1. Gentle Toners

Vincent not only uses toner to prep and refresh the skin, but he also suggests using it as a setting spray twice while applying makeup. The celebrity makeup artist explains what he looks for in a toner, saying, “In skincare I love very simple formulation. I believe some of the ingredients women have used and passed down through generations make for amazing skincare. I always use non astringent toners that contain Hydrosols and essential oils. My favorites are TwinMedix Refine toner ($16) and Rebels and Outlaws Law of Attraction Potion ($18). I formulate them to help the skin protect and heal itself.”

2. A Multi-Use Salve

“Pawpaw Ointment ($8) and rose salves are another favorite that is always with me. They serve so many functions from healing to highlighting,” Vincent explained. As this editor can attest, Lucas’s Pawpaw Ointment works just as well as a lip balm as it does on a sunburn, cracked skin or picked-at-pimple. It also does double duty as a highlighter when applied to your cheekbones, the inner-corner of your eyes, or your nose, and also works great as a brow gel or lash conditioner.

3. An Eyelash Curler

“I think a lash curler goes a long way in opening up the eyes and polishing a look,” Vincent said. “It’s a product most people abuse.” He went on to say that his favorites are Kevyn Aucoin’s The Eyelash Curler ($21) or Troy Surratt’s Surratt Beauty Relevée lash curler ($34). Why? Well, as Vincent explained, “They are beautifully made to work with any eye. With a lash curler it is the position of the contraption that provides the lift not the pressure. Many people put it on and squeeze hard, but the trick is to rotate the curler up until the curve of the curler is parallel with the crews of the eye and then pulse and press. That will provide curl and not crimp.” So, we’ve definitely been doing that wrong our whole life…

The more you know.

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