Video: Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph Sang Their Oscars Intro and Won the Night

It’s not that we don’t love love love the idea of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co-hosting the 2021 Golden Globe Awards, but anyone who tuned into the 2020 Oscars for even a half-second and happened to catch Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig as they intro’ed the awards for Best Production Design and Costume Design said this: “How are they not tonight’s hosts?”

But really. The two stole the show—and their only job was to co-present two kind of snoozy awards. Still, instead of delivering the expected casual back-and-forth banter a la every other Oscar presenter that came before, Rudolph and Wiig jokingly turned their introduction into an audition.

“We were acting!” Rudolph explained after the pair over-dramatized their entrance, alluding to the fact that they were mad about something. Wiig chimed in: “We just know there are a lot of directors here tonight.” Rudolph, again: “Just wanted them to know we do more than comedy.”

The bit went on from there, but the most epic (and hilarious) moment was when the Rudolph and Wiig decided the best way to show the effort that goes into costuming was to intro the award with a medley of songs. From there, they proceeded to do a mash-up of songs ranging from “Vogue” by Madonna to “Thong Song” by Sisqo to “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” by Nancy Sinatra. The common link? Every tune was fashion-themed.

“You’re hired!” thought every director in the audience. JK, JK, but they certainly made an impression—and upped the ante on Oscar presenting from here on out.

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