Kelly Ripa Shares Selfies with Son Joaquin to Her IG Story, Where She Shows Off His Impressive Height

Kelly Ripa's youngest child, Joaquin, 19, is currently a student at the University of Michigan, where he is also a part of the wrestling team. However, it looks like the youngest member of the Consuelos clan took a break from his studies and made a trip home, because he was seen posing with Ripa in a new series of photos on Instagram.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan host shared a pair of selfies to her Story, the first of which showed her and Joaquin standing side-by-side and smiling at the camera. In addition to tagging her son, Ripa also added a sticker of a tiny blue heart.

ripa hero1
Kelly Ripa/Instagram

Although the resemblance between Joaquin and his father, Mark Consuelos, is quite apparent, this photo gave us the chance to see how much he resembles his mom too (take a look at their eyes and the way both of them hold their mouth the same way).

However, in addition to showing the likeness between her and her son, Ripa posted another selfie that showed Joaquin's impressive height. In this pic, the mother-son duo stand apart and the 19-year-old clearly towers above his mother. On top of this photo, Ripa wrote, “Yeah i get it. You're bigger than me.........@joaquinconsuelos.” In the pic, we can see that Ripa is pretending to make a grumpy face.

ripa hero2
Kelly Ripa/Instagram

It seems that Joaquin has quickly become the tallest member of his family. In their Christmas card, which Ripa shared to her account back in December, Joaquin is seen standing to the far right, and even though he's tilting his head, he is still the tallest of the group.

But you never know—Kelly could have a surprise growth spurt at any moment!

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