Kelly Ripa Fans Thrilled to Have Her Back on 'Live' After Producer Told Her 'You Have to Leave' Last Week

And she's back (again)!

After skipping out on two episodes of Live with Kelly and Ryan earlier this month, co-host Kelly Ripa made her return on Monday, January 9—except her comeback was short-lived, because she still had a lingering symptom after recovering from her illness.

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The symptom in question? Her raspy voice, which plenty of fans noticed when she briefly returned to host on January 9 and 10.

On the show, the famous host explained what happened during the recovery process. She said, "I got really sick, and here's what's irritating. When you get sick and then you have the audacity to test negative for everything. And the doctor's like 'No, maybe you just have like a random thing.' And I go, 'It's not a random thing because I'm clearly dying.'"

She continued, "It's one of those things where it's like, it's got to be something dear, so fix it."

Although her doctors didn't indicate that anything was wrong, Ripa's voice didn't seem to be getting any better. And since the mother of three showed no signs of slowing down on set, the show's producer, Michael Gelman, stepped in and encouraged her to take another break until she had fully recovered.

Fortunately, Ripa took his advice and took the rest of the week off. So now, she's officially back with her voice intact.

In yesterday's episode of Live!, she said, "Last week, the better I felt, the worse I sounded." She also recalled what Gelman told her after she hosted the show with a hoarse voice. He told her, "You have to leave. You're a talk show host and you have no voice, and there's no point in you being here."

We're glad to see that the queen of daytime TV has fully recovered and made her comeback.

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