Kelly Ripa Teases ‘Please Don’t Zoom in on the Feet’ in Relatable Behind-the-Scenes Video

Kelly Ripa might be giving us an intimate glimpse of her bedroom, but she’s not letting us close to her feet. (We promise it’s not as strange as it sounds.)

In a new behind-the-scenes Instagram video for Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ripa reveals that she’s overdue for a pedi while giving a breakdown of her daily outfit.

“Please don’t zoom in on the feet. They need a pedicure, it’s been a long time,” the 50-year-old TV host admits as the anonymous camera person tries to get a closer shot of her gold Gianvito Rossi heels.

(The rest of her outfit? An A.L.C. Top, a vegan leather Maison Margiela skirt, Warby Parker glasses and Snash Jewelry, in case you were curious.)

Ripa has been extra-busy recently—celebrating a 30th anniversary with the Walt Disney Company, watching the finale of The Undoing, et cetera—so no one can blame her for skipping a pedicure appointment, pandemic or not. And our own feet haven’t seen the light of day in, well…forget we mentioned it.

All we can say is: Someone should tell her that Babyfoot is on sale right now.

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