Kelly Ripa Just Freaked Out Over a Gift from Her ‘Live’ Coworker

Ryan Seacrest may be the one making his big return to Live with Kelly and Ryan, but Kelly Ripa is the one getting the gifts.

After a two-day hiatus due to health concerns (more on that later), Seacrest rejoined his co-host for Wednesday’s episode of the popular morning show. And while we—as well as the show’s cast and crew—were happy to see him back and healthy, one of the show’s team members brought a gift to the set. A gift for the 50-year-old actress, that is.

After the episode wrapped, producers shared a behind-the-scenes video of the hosts exiting the stage and heading back to their dressing rooms. It was then that Ripa was stopped by a crew member named Kadeem (who we’ve seen before in a BTS video), who handed her a special red box. Inside it? A beautiful piece of origami that he made himself. The piece of art—which Seacrest believed was a cookie—appeared to be a pink and white star, featuring quite a few points.

“Oh my gosh,” Ripa said in the clip. “It’s so beautiful. Why are you so talented? I’m going to treasure this. Thank you so much.”

“Isn’t that gorgeous?” she continued as she showcased the piece of art to the camera.

As we mentioned above, Wednesday’s episode marked the return of the American Idol alum, after it was revealed he was feeling under the weather and needed to take a COVID-19 test before returning to the studio (following strict social distancing protocol). Luckily, the test results were negative and he was able to safely come back to work.

Don’t worry, Ryan. Maybe you’ll get a gift next time.