Kelly Ripa Reveals Which Zodiac Sign Keeps Popping Up in Her Life

We’re learning a lot about Kelly Ripa this week, thanks to Live with Kelly and Ryan’s official social media accounts. Not only do we know what goes into her wardrobe each day, but turns out, the 49-year-old is quite the lover of astrology.

On Wednesday, the morning show’s Instagram Stories featured a clip of the TV personality talking to a man who runs the coffee cart on the set. “Tomorrow we will shout out Kadeem because of his birthday,” she said in the video before explaining that the duo has a “psychic thing” between them. “We have this psychic thing but what's weird is that you did not psychically tell me it's your birthday.”

While on the topic of September birthdays, the mother of two shiftedt to astrology. “So, you’re a Virgo?” she continued. “I like Virgos a lot. I’ve got a lot of Virgos in my life, so I'm not surprised that the universe put us together.”

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@livewithkellyandryan/ instagram

Born on October 2, Ripa herself is a Libra. And while she may have a lot of Virgo’s in her life, it makes sense that she didn’t marry one (Mark Consuelos is an Aries), since the two signs are not very compatible romantically, according to astrology expert Kiki O'Keeffe.

In fact, it’s Virgos realistic nature and Libra’s hopeless romanticism that don’t create a great match. “They [Libras] are optimists in love and life and tend to believe that almost anything is possible if we work together. But what they find inspirational comes off as totally naive to Virgo, who in turn seems like a big old grump to Libra.” Yikes.

A fellow astrology lover? Who knew we had so much in common with Kelly?