Katy Perry Dropped So Many Clues About Her Baby's Name and We Can't Believe We Missed Them All

When it came to planning for the arrival of her baby girl, Katy Perry was ready with every detail. And little did we know, this included the baby’s name.

On Thursday, the “Firework” singer and Orlando Bloom actor shared the news via UNICEF's Instagram account that they had welcomed their first child together. Perry, 35, and Bloom, 43, each later reshared the same post on their own accounts. In addition to the exciting news, the couple also revealed the first photo of their daughter, as well as her name: Daisy Dove Bloom.

And while we like to think of ourselves at times as amateur detectives, we somehow managed to miss Perry’s biggest hint of all time about the name: the release of her single titled “Daisies.”

The song was the first single from her fifth studio album, Smile, and was released on May 15. Since its release, both Perry and Bloom have openly revealed that “Daisies” is their favorite song on the album. And now we know why.

Aside from the song itself, the American Idol star has been posting a ton of Daisy-related content on social media, like a photo of herself in a dress covered in daisies, for example, which we just assumed was to promote the single.

And if that wasn’t enough, in a recent interview with ET Canada she was asked if she’d ever considered naming her baby after one of the songs on the album, specifically “Daisies” or “Harleys in Hawaii.”

“I’ve never thought of Harley…ever! Wow! Harley is a great name! Harley Bloom. Hold on…excuse me, I’m writing it down,” she replied completely avoiding the Daisy question..

Very clever, Katy.