Katy Perry’s Daughter Already Has a Nickname—& It’s Pretty Clever

katy perry 41

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s baby girl may not have a name just yet, but, as it turns out, she already has a nickname and, reportedly, a godmother (more on that later). 

During a recent virtual appearance with Hits Radio, the American Idol judge revealed the nickname she’s bestowed on her unborn child. "I call her Kicky Perry sometimes. I love a pun,” Perry said before stating that those kicks haven’t kept her from staying in shape. “I'm really active right now. My doctors are like, ‘Stay active, you're good. You're good to go, girl. Keep doing your thing.’ So I've been dancing, I've been singing a lot.”

However, as far as an actual name for the couple’s first child goes, the duo hasn’t picked one out just yet (at least, according to an interview with Mix 104.1's Karson & Kennedy last month). "We have yet to decide specifically on her name because, I think, we've got options and she'll tell us," Perry stated. 

The nickname reveal comes just days after it was reported that the famous couple has asked Jennifer Aniston to be their daughter’s godmother. Yep, according to The Daily Mirror, the two famous women have built quite the relationship during Perry’s pregnancy. 

“Katy and Jen are very close. During lockdown they went for socially-distanced walks, and spent lots of time catching up,” a source told the publication. Per the outlet, the 35-year-old singer and the 43-year-old actor wept during the sweet moment when they made the official godmother ask and Aniston was equally as emotional. “She is pretty chuffed about it as well and cried when they asked her.”

We wonder if Jen is going to call her godchild “Kicky Perry” or come up with her own nickname. Hopefully, the latter. 

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