Kelly Ripa Goes by a Different Name with Her Friends

She may be Kelly Ripa to us (and the rest of the world), but, as it turns out, the television host goes by a different name when it comes to (at least some of) her friends.

Like many of us have been doing in quarantine, the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host recently FaceTimed with one of her good pals (Elsa Collins, to be exact). Luckily, Ripa shared snapshots of the conversation on her personal Instagram Story. And while we love to see these two looking casual and snacking, we couldn’t help but notice the contact name that was saved in Collins’s phone.

Rather than “Kelly Ripa,” the name reads “Kelly Consuelos” referring to the 49-year-old star’s husband's last name. Don’t believe us? We have photo evidence.

screen shot 2020 07 15 at 9 55 57 am

In the first snap, we see Elsa enjoying a bran muffin while trying to contact her friend Ripa Consuelos, “How I do coffee with friends...” is written on the pic.

screen shot 2020 07 15 at 9 56 04 am

In the next shot, we see the duo chatting via video chat. “Glamorous @elsamariecollins who eats carbs, and me the old dude in the corner,” Ripa captioned the post.

screen shot 2020 07 15 at 9 56 12 am

And in the third pic, we see the name “Kelly Consuelos” listed again as the two ladies try to connect on the phone. No word if they actually got through on the third attempt.

The name isn’t surprising, since Kelly is indeed married to fellow (and often shirtless) actor Mark Consuelos. But since the majority of her successful career has been as a Ripa, we don’t blame her for wanting to continue to use the name professionally.

Now, all we want to know is if Kelly has any other nicknames...