John Krasinski Cried Like a Baby When He Heard Emily Blunt Sing for the First Time

If you’ve seen Into the Woods, you know Emily Blunt’s singing voice sounds like angels descending from the heavens. Her husband, John Krasinski, was not aware of this until four years into their marriage.

Krasinski told Vanity Fair he had never heard his wife sing until she invited him to a recording session for the 2014 musical. He assumed she shared his vocal talent level of “low mediocre,” and he told the film’s director, Rob Marshall, he was “nervous for her.” 

“He looked at me as if the earth had just opened up in front of him,” Krasinksi remembered. “And Emily started singing, and I just immediately wept. It was really wild. It was like finding out that your wife can levitate.”

Just 356 days until we get to hear that precious voice again in Mary Poppins Returns

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