Jennifer Lopez Can’t Stop Laughing at Old ‘TRL’ Clip that Gayle King Found

Jennifer Lopez took a walk down memory lane during an appearance on CBS Mornings.

This week, the 52-year-old actress stopped by the talk show to chat about her upcoming movie, Marry Me, with her co-star, Maluma. It didn’t take long for anchor Gayle King to change the subject to J.Lo’s early days as a pop star. King even pulled up a 1999 video of Lopez talking about her biggest role model: her mom, Guadalupe Rodríguez.

In the clip, King explains that CBS Mornings is filmed in the same studio as TRL (or Total Request Live), which was an MTV show that featured the most popular music videos and artists.

“Jennifer, this is the old TRL studios from back in the day,” King says. Lopez immediately replies, “I know! It’s so funny coming through the door downstairs. I was like, ‘I remember this.’”

Although Lopez made several cameos on TRL, King found footage from one of her very first appearances. “You were a frequent guest here,” the anchor explains. “So, we pulled up one of your first appearances on TRL. Roll tape, please!”

In the throwback video, Lopez is wearing a classic late ’90s outfit, featuring a pink halter top and black pants. Her hair is styled in a slicked-back ponytail, excluding two small pieces that were left out to frame her face.

“Just watching my mom and how hard she worked was more of an inspiration to me as a Latina woman,” she says in the clip. “The hard work, the perseverance through hard times and stuff like that. Watching her was probably the best thing that I could have ever had.” Back in present-day, Lopez can hardly contain her laughter.

Styling aside, she’s still Jenny from the Block.

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