Gayle King Reveals She's Now a Grandma (& Also Shares Her Grandson's Name)

It's an exciting day for television host Gayle King, who just announced that she is now a grandmother.

King shared the special news today on CBS Mornings, where she revealed that her daughter, Kirby Bumpus, just gave birth to a baby boy. “Please allow me to introduce to the world Luca Lynn Miller,” King said as family pictures appeared behind her. She also explained the meaning behind baby Luca's name, saying, “Virgil lost his brother earlier this year so little Luca has his uncle's middle name.” Apparently the family already has some nicknames for the newborn as well. “His initials are LLM so we call him LL Mill. LL Cool Mill,” King said.

The 66-year-old TV personality said that she got to meet her grandson this past Friday, and she joked, “It was the Lion King scene where they hold the baby up. That's how I felt about this child. I have wanted to be a grandmother for a long time.”

Earlier this month, King threw a baby shower for her daughter, which can be seen in the slideshow above that was posted by Bumpus. Along with the photos, Bumpus said, “I don’t know where to begin. How much love can you pack into one weekend? Apparently A LOT! Thank YOU to my mom for the most beautiful, joy filled weekend I could ever imagine! She’s been such an incredible template and inspiration for what a mother can be. If I can be a fraction of the mom that she is, lil Virb will be a lucky bay bay!”

And it seems that baby Luca's life will be full of love. In her segment this morning, King closed by saying, “It's really something when you see your own child become a parent. I am so nuts about it...Congratulations to my favorite daughter and favorite son-in-law. Now I have a favorite grandson. I didn't even wanna hand him back when he was crying. I didn't wanna let him go.”

Welcome to the world, Luca!

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