Jennifer Lopez Shares a Rare Solo Pic of Her Daughter Emme—and the Resemblance Is Uncanny

Lately, Jennifer Lopez has graced our social feeds with bikini pics (not once, but twice!), dance vids with Alex and occasional glimpses of her kids. And now, the World of Dance judge has shared a solo pic of her daughter Emme and she practically looks like a mini-me version of the singer.

Don’t believe us? Look at the pic for yourself below.

She captioned the post, “Summertime shine #Lulu” with a quick nod to her daughter’s nickname (though J.Lo prefers to call both her kids ‘coconut’ most of the time). The 12-year-old held a smile as she posed for the camera with an impressive backdrop behind her. Also, we can’t ignore the little glimpse into the huge Lopez-Rodriguez’s backyard. (A house tour in the works by any chance?) 

A scroll through J.Lo’s IG can show you that she rarely posts her children. The last time she did was a video montage of family photos dedicated to Alex for Father’s Day, and we got to see the twins looking all grown up. 

When it comes to Emme, smiling for the camera is just one of the many ways she’s following in her mom’s footsteps. From performing alongside Lopez at the 2020 Superbowl to releasing her own children’s book in September, we can’t wait to see what else she has in store. 

Hey J.Lo, just keep the family pics coming! 

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